#1 Bestselling Author

Marco is a #1 Bestselling Author of two Books, an Award Winning Entrepreneur & Winner of the People's Choice Best Real Estate Investment Company 2015.

He has made countless National Radio and TV appearances and has spoken at the prestigious Napoleon Hill International Conference, the Ogilvy DO Debates, Bloomberg, and Forbes. He is in high demand on the speaking circuit and is invited to talk on various platforms around the globe with appearances in Print Newspapers, Magazines, TV talk shows and Prime Time TV slots.

He is also the founder of the NAKED Group of Companies including the Award Winning Naked Restaurant & Bar (WINNING TATLER'S BEST RESTAURANTS 2015) recently opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which has already spawned three new Franchise Companies, NAKED COFFEE; NAKED PIZZA & NAKED Beauty Bars, specialising in Revolutionary one of a kind Eyelash, Nail & Spray Tan Treatments, now OPENED in the UK.

He personally owns over 100 properties and is now a Property Developer in his own right making him a Self-Made Millionaire many times over.

He is a World Authority Speaker on Investing, Entrepreneurship & Financial Freedom, and he has his own FOUNDATION serving Underprivileged Children and Female Single Parents, his one dream to give back after his own difficult childhood. He speaks worldwide to hundreds and thousands of people.

How his Inspirational story all started.
Marco's childhood was traumatic, at 2 years old his mum left his Dad, due to his addiction to Gambling. Every week his mum would have to work four jobs just to pay the housekeeping bills and put food on the table while his Dad blew his whole salary on the horses.

Marco and his Mum would regularly move from town to town, school to school and not really make any friends, sometimes they had to sleep in the Park quite often to survive...Then his Mum unfortunately entered (unbeknown to her at the time) an abusive Relationship in the hope at first there would be stability.

However it regularly turned violent and they were on the road again. Marco didn't really have any Schooling and left his last school at 16 without any academic qualifications, getting a cleaning job and sharing a friend's house to survive.

His Mum found the right guy eventually, but through all his challenges as a kid, he knew he was the only person who could take responsibility for his own life...he moved from job to job, to eventually settle in direct sales, the last place he imagined.

He was the worst salesperson, as he simply had no confidence at all, until one day he met the top salesman, and the top salesman said to him..."You have something inside of you, some fire, you have real talent, you can't see it, I do, I want you to read this book I read that helped me overcome my fears, but tell no-one, just read it and read it again until you get the message".

Marco read the book 8 times and became the TOP Salesperson, he had so much confidence, he told his first clients he was going to sell them timeshare today, they told him no, four hours later, they bought and handed over £10,000. Marco was so shocked at his first Success EVER he was compelled to ask his buyers why they bought from him...they told him, because we saw that you believed it, so we wanted it.

He never forgot that moment and went on to succeed, way beyond his own Expectations and not without tremendous struggle, but he was familiar with struggle and discovered that it was his greatest strength.

Although he reached the top of the Corporate World, he lost his job, and struggled to become an Entrepreneur with no Salary, & No Savings as he blew his savings on the Stock Market. He tried and tried to succeed in Business in his own, and managed to win some small contracts that kept him going.

However, after trying many times to save his Marriage, it collapsed in 2008, and he was on his own, all he had was a 20 year old Volvo and an old Laptop

Then he decided it was about time, he wrote the Book he always dreamed about writing. He wrote a book about his life that became a Number One Bestseller, "Close the Deal & Suddenly Grow Rich".

When it became Number One, he was again shocked to the core, he wrote it based on his past success as a Salesperson and selling a Billion dollars worth of Products in ten years, but the book royalties were not enough to even survive on his own then one day he asked a simple question "How can I become a Millionaire in my own right?".

He kept asking that same question again and again and again and one day completely out of the Blue he thought of a revolutionary idea that made him a personal fortune of $12 Million in 2009.

Ever since then, because of his previous terrible record with Money, he focused on how he could get money to work for him, instead of having to work for money, he hired Millionaire Successful Financial Mentors, he threw himself into the subject of Money, determined to find the best way he could increase his Wealth so he never had to worry about Money again.

He succeeded again this time in Real Estate & especially Investment Property. He discovered that Property had a distinctive Cycle, he discovered that Property could create Positive Cash-flow, and it could easily and safely replace anyone's Salary, it could, as a light bulb went off in his head, allow anybody to do what they LOVE to do, instead of working 70 hours a week and never seeing their family, and do what they had to do to pay the bills.

He got so good at Property Investment, friends asked him to share his success publicly and he started conducting free workshops on how to create a new income that could mean you didn't have to work again At his first seminar, people queued right outside his office, so many people, he could not start his seminar for another hour.

Overwhelmed by the response, not just by the attendance of hundreds of people, but the standing ovation he received after he shared his life story and success, he knew this was what he really was here to do, he had found his purpose, his calling, and still today, that Passion & Love wows his audience and inspires them to create new income streams and fire their Boss.

But it wasn't just the Speaking and sharing that propelled him. He got really passionate about what makes money work harder and through his focus and study started predicting years ahead what would happen to Property Markets all over the World.

He got so good he had FRONT PAGE space and feature stories in International Newspapers about his success at predicting Global Property Trends and developed four Award Winning Research Tools to help other people do the same.

He calls it, the NEW Retirement Plan, and his latest Book, The Financial Freedom Guarantee, is the result of that work that WON him the very prestigious Accolade of People's Choice Best Real Estate Investment Company 2014/15.

But his favourite work has always been helping the underprivileged, especially in making a HUGE DIFFERENCE to people's lives, that's why he set up his own Foundation, one of the best things he did was help get guide dogs into Malaysia for the Blind, where they were never allowed before. He did this by helping produce and finance a movie called "Are You Blind?" which can be seen on Youtube. It went viral and that movie caused a huge movement of people to outcry the mistreatment of Blind People that eventually enabled the approval of Guide Dogs in Public Places in Malaysian History. More on his Foundation work can be found here.

At the same time he was Knighted for his work and his contribution to Humanity, Awarded with the honour & title of Dato' Seri Marco Robinson S.T.M.P.

To learn more about his life, seminars, courses and opportunities to work with him go to www.marcorobinson.com.