Best Restaurants of 2015.

Winner I-Property People's Choice Award Best Real Estate Investment Company 2014/15 Singapore.

Marco in his Naked Restaurant sharing his Award with his Wealth Revolution Team, Mr. Phillip Edmondson & Mr. Malvindran Ganesh.

Honorary Title, Dato' Seri Marco Robinson S.P.T.M

Entrepreneur of the Year, 2008

Marco's Truly Inspirational Story is well, Truly Inspirational. Think about his Background

Marco's childhood was traumatic, at 2 years old his mum left his Dad, due to his addiction to Gambling. Every week his mum would have to work four jobs just to pay the housekeeping bills and put food on the table while his Dad, blew his whole salary on the horses.

Marco and his Mum would regularly move from town to town, school to school, and not really make any friends, sometimes they had to sleep in the Park quite often to survive.Then his Mum unfortunately entered (unbeknown to her at the time) an abusive Relationship in the hope at first there would be stability. However it regularly turned violent, and they were on the road again, Marco didn't really have any schooling and left his last school at 16, getting a cleaning job and sharing a friends house to survive. His Mum found the right guy eventually, but through all his challenges as a kid, he knew he was the only person who could take responsibility for his own life.

He moved from job to job, to eventually settle in direct sales, he was the worst salesperson, as he simply had no confidence at all, until one day he met the top salesman, and the top salesman said to him. "You have something inside of you, some fire, you have real talent, you can't see it, I do, I want you to read this book I read that helped me overcome my fears, but tell no-one, just read it and read it again until you get the message. Marco read the book 8 times and became Salesperson of the year, he had so much confidence, he told his first clients he was going to sell them timeshare today, they told him no, four hours later, they bought and handed over $10,000. Marco was shocked to the core, and asked his buyers why they bought from him. They told him, because we saw that you believed it, so we wanted it...He never forgot that moment.

He went on to succeed, not without tremendous struggle and hardship until eventually his 15 Year Marriage Failed, even though he had now two beautiful Children, who were doing well, unfortunately although he reached the top of the Corporate world, he lost his job, and struggled to become an Entrepreneur with failure after failure. He left his wife after trying many times to save his Marriage, all he had was a 20 year old Volvo and and an old Laptop, he wrote a book about his life that became a #number one besteller, "Close the Deal & Suddenly Grow Rich", when it became number one, he was again shocked to the core, he wrote it based on his past success as a Salesperson and selling a Billion dollars worth of Products in ten years, but the book royalties were not much...then one day he asked a simple question "How can I become a Millionaire in my own right? and then he thought of a revolutionary idea that made him a personal fortune of $12 Million in 2009.Ever since then he has invested in Property and New Businesses. Eventually Winning the People's Choice Award for Best Real Estate Investment Company 2014/15 and he was knighted and given the title Dato' Seri Marco Robinson S.T.M.P in Asia where he spent the last 20 years. To learn more about his life, seminars, online courses and opportunities to work with him go to"

In 2015, Marco was honoured with one of the most Prestigious Awards in Real Estate/Property. The Winner of the I-property People's Choice Award for Best Real Estate Investment Company 2014/15 Singapore.

After starting The Wealth Revolution Group years before, as well as giving people the most Effective Financial Freedom Education, he wanted to make it easy for people to source the Best Returning Property Assets Globally. He travelled around the world extensively and achieved that goal. In doing so he discovered some very powerful research tools that became the Cornerstone of Winning the People's Choice Award, & those same Four Tools have become the very Backbone of his success as a Property Developer in his own right, doubling his profits on Four Appartment Blocks and returning those profits back to his members as part of his New Crowdfund Platform. Because the people of Singapore voted for him, he feels this is a true reflection of his life's work and is very humbled indeed by it.

Honorary Title, Dato' Seri Marco Robinson S.P.T.M (Knighthood Equivalent) for Lifetime Contribution to the Field of Personal Development and helping the Underprivileged achieve Success.

In December, 2014 Marco was honoured with the Honorary Title Dato' Seri Marco Robinson S.P.T.M. (Equivalent to a Knighthood in the U.K) From Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin III , from Palembang Darussalam Sultanate, Southern Sumatera, Indonesia. He received this Award through his Inspirational example to Millions that anything is possible, despite the gravest circumstances & and his contribution in Education and Financial Aid to all the Charities throughout his Life, inspiring him to start his own Foundation to help the truly underprivileged through the most powerful means known to Man, Relevant Education, the Education that can create Incomes, without the need for low paid jobs.

His Ground Breaking #1 Bestselling Book, 'Know When to Close the Deal and Suddenly Grow Rich' has already topped the charts in the printed world and it has now (because of demand) just been re-published as a second edition and is entitled, 'Close the Deal and Suddenly Grow Rich'.

Entrepreneur of the Year, 2008

In late 2008, Marco received "Entrepreneur of the Year" for his outstanding Business idea that offered thousands of people never seen before income streams in the travel and Corporate Incentive Industries.His revolutionary idea generated $12 Million in its first year from literally zero, no office, no staff, no start up Capital.