The Testimonial

Stuart Ockenden

Marco. Inspiration & fearless game changer showing everyone that you can and will be free. So honoured to call you my friend.

Azlan Adnan

Marco Robinson made me an iron-clad money-back guarantee in Oct 2011- that within one year I'd be financially free. That promise was fulfilled in Sept 2012 and my life has been fabulously awesome ever since - I became an international property investor and landlord earning passive rental income from properties on three different continents. I travel on average one week a month and have in the past two years been to Bali (twice), Phuket (twice), Warsaw (twice), Phnom Penh (twice), Bandung (three times), Hat Yai (numerous tines), Koh Lipe, Perth, Melbourne, Budapest, Vienna, Tokyo, Dubai, Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Dusseldorf, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Nurnberg, Ausberg, Birmingham, Nottingham, Cambridge, Canterbury, Whitstable, Singapore (countless times), Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, Seoul, Daegu and Bangkok. All this would not have been possible without the excellent mentorship of my property guru Marco Robinson.

Rita Baratharaj

Last year when I started to learn from Marco Robinson I was a housewife with little income. In my first month I made $49,000 without breaking sweat and now I am enjoying income residually every month. I am also the proud owner of a brand new BMW coupe because of what I learned from Marco!!!

Nellie Amirah Lim

Marco! Marco! Your energy is contagious! A man who is always there to help anyone who wants to succeed. You are a great inspiration! From the humble beginnings when u first came to our land... To a man to be reckon with. Kudos!!! Thank you for seeing n believing in my vision in workforce empowerment and nudging me! You hosted our launch and that was truly was awesome and memorable. Thank you for believing in the impossibles!!! Muuuah -

Rob Salyer

Leader of Leaders... Marco Robinson has a complete understanding of Creating your own reality! With so many people who "Wish" they could be all they could be... Marco constantly leads by example in achieving anything he truly wants for himself by walking the talk. He has an amazing ability in being able to conceive it, believe it and then follow through and achieve it. With an uncanny ability in his own way pay it forward to show others how they can too create there own reality and be anything they want to have a deep rooted inner desire to achieve. You just need to look at his life as a testate to this. I have always been proud to call Marco not only a colleague, more importantly a close personal friend, who continues to inspire all that chose to except his advice and teachings with an incredible way of keeping it simple so that anyone can live the life they want to live, while most people only dream. If there were a tag name that I believe suits Marco it would be NIKE... JUST DO IT!!! Thanks for the inspiration over the last 12 years of knowing you, even at times that you are not aware of it. I wish you all the success that you have created for yourself as your journey continues and for all those that are fortunate enough to cross your path that want the same for there lives.

Yvonne Poirier

I am Marco Robinson's mum and can say honestly he was intensely focused and driven from being very young. I used to take him around England every weekend so he could compete in cycle races and could see even then that he would go on to great things. I feel privileged to be his mother and to have the great joy of still being part of his life and watching him grow even further whatever he does. He is the most generous and caring son any mother could wish for and he share his ideas and good fortune with everyone. An awesome mentor and businessman. Proud mum.

Aaron Adams

Marco Robinson gave me the confidence and knowledge to move my business from the U.S.... to countries all over the world. Previous to meeting him we just dabbled in the international markets... Over the past two years his partnership knowledge and amazing network of investors all over the world has helped us reach customers & partnerships we never would have been able to connect with previously.

Roger Choo C K

I wish my school teacher was Marco Robinson when I was a kid back then. So that I may becomes one of those youngest self made millionaire in the 90s. You are a great mentor to many, Mr Robinson. Thank you for sharing your priceless knowledge at a fraction of a cost.

Josie Wachi

Marco Robinson you made my dream come true which in turn channeled and opened the gateway to help a lot of others. It was all by believing in me and paving the way to my future success.

Author KD Ismalasari

I've known Marco Robinson for almost 10 years now... In that 10 years, there's definitely up and down, but one thing constant and consistent with Marco Robinson, he's a true entrepreneur with brilliant ideas, and the know how to get there and help you get there. One thing about him that truly inspired me is his ability to manifest and give his best whether it's a good time or bad time for him. Whenever I need a business advice, he's there, has never turned me down and a great mentor. A true entrepreneur, business mentor, with great visions and passion.

Veronica Macpherson

Marco assisted our business to become international and helped us with better articulating to the world, what the opportunity is to invest in Australian emerging Pilbara cities with us. We may have never realised this opportunity if it wasn't for Marco opening our eyes and his inner circle to us, for which we are truly grateful. Marco's bold and encouraging approach to 'doing life' is an inspiration, and will break anyone right out of their comfort zone, leading to far more fun and opportunity. You need to know this fellow!

Paul Counsel, Ph.D, Author, Wealth Specialist & artist

Whether you're a seasoned salesperson or you're taking your first tentative steps into the dynamic world of selling, when you read this book, know that you're in safe hands. There is something for everyone when you follow the process Marco Robinson outlines, your results will skyrocket. Marco is a consummate professional, a person of extraordinary ability and someone who is totally passionate about other people's success. Read it and you will be well rewarded.

Patric Chan - International Speaker, Author and World Renown Internet Marketer,

This is not just a book you're getting, Marco Robinson's valuable years of experience, techniques and most importantly his mindset of success! If you're looking for ways to achieve breakthroughs in selling , this is the man who understands salesmanship and communication more than anyone else I've ever met, PERIOD! Most books will just teach you the techniques of selling and leave you "empty" at the end of reading... but not so with this book. Not only will you uncover new strategies behind the concept of selling, you will also discover your hidden potential that will lead you to greater business and personal wealth.

Immanuel Lim, Business Owner & Publisher

A friend of mine from the media asked me the other day, off the record, how good Marco Robinson really is (in closing deals and helping others to do likewise). I told him without hesitation, He really I that good. I'd put him up there with Ziglar, Mandino, Tracy, Girard and Bettger. I believe his books will become classics and mandatory reading for anyone who wants to excel in sales and closing deals.