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About Sir Marco Robinson

How a homeless, bullied little boy with no hope in life became a Knight, became a #1 Bestselling Author, became a Prime TV Star, became a #2 Netflix Filmstar and Producer, became a 9 figure Business Superstar & Entrepreneur of the Year…

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My Story

On November 26th, 2017, I have achieved everything I ever wanted in life, I was speaking all over the world, I had several successful businesses, an award winning restaurant and a very special Prime Time TV on Channel 4 U.K called “Get a House For Free” and I was about start production on my first feature film…

Then a phone call came in;

Marco you are all over Russian News TV, they have circled your facebook comments in red about the President and this looks really dangerous…I don’t think we can make this feature film anymore…”

I didn’t believe what I was hearing, but it certainly got my attention… and I got the russian newsreel sent over to me and translated…
It was true…

What Leaders
have to say

Over the years Marco has helped countless young professionals build highly profitable and empowering careers for themselves. Through his work across multiple industries, training hundreds of businesses and building relationships with numerous influential business owners, here are what a few of these people have to say about him. 

The campaign worked very well and we exceeded our planned numbers. Customers are very excited about the gifts and it created a great opening line for our sales guys to approach customers. We’re re-ordering to meet the extra numbers that came in.

Vice President, Citi Bank

Using the watch as an incentive we had 22% customer re-subscription. When using the vacation, it rose to 68%.

Yvonne Tay

Marketing Director, Readers Digest

Based on the success of our first campaign in Sept, we have to keep using these incentives, it would be crazy not too.

Marc Fung

Sales & Marketing, Nikon

Exactly what we needed to differentiate ourselves and tell the market…We’re back!! And it doubled our anticipated volume of sales.

Noormalah Othman

Sapura, BMW

The campaign ended up being twice
as successful as we’d first anticipated.

Eyleen Chua

Campaign Organizer, Starhub

Superb incentive, it drove people from the website, to physically test drive the car….and then purchase.
Goal was to increase test drives and purchase of cars from the online channel.

Peter Meehan

CEO, Proton Agency


Financially free


Financially free

This book is fantastic, AN INSPIRATION! It has given me the motivation to start taking steps to apply Marco Robinson’s Buy to Let Buying Strategies, to change my life for the better. I will always keep this book. 

It was nice to read about a real person who has made it. I’m fed up of reading these types of things and they are simply untrue. It gives me that inspiration I need at times to keep going and to reach my end goal. Well done on a great book Marco!

I have been a student of Marcos and it graduated to business partnerships. He is the real deal. This book will keep you thinking, laughing and entertained while opening your mind to new paths that you can personally follow to financial freedom. Don’t miss this one!


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Connect with me for thoughts on business strategy & ideas and latest insights.




Connect with me for thoughts on business strategy & ideas and latest insights.




Connect with me for thoughts on business strategy & ideas and latest insights.




Connect with me for thoughts on business strategy & ideas and latest insights.

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