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#1 bestselling author


Become a #1 bestselling author 6 months Mastermind 

I GUARANTEE to make you a BESTSELLING AUTHOR IN 2023 by helping you;

  • Write your book with weekly writing labs. Complete in 90 days. (industry price $15,000)
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If you are not thinking about writing a book I would seriously question why you want to build an audience and brand…

When you are a bestselling author you will be positioned at the top of your industry
You will get speaking invites all over the world including ted talks.
You will GENERATE 100x more leads as the primary asset lead magnet for your business.
You wll get TV interviews…many of them! You will be featured in many articles & be a primary guest on top podcasts. 

In 2008 I wrote my first book it became a number one bestseller. Back then I was making $50 k a year. In 2009 I made $2 Million . No joke and primarily because of my book I got invite’s everywhere and people bought my UPSELL products but they all bought the book first ! 

Do not underestimate the power of becoming a bestselling author. 

Normal price of this program is $10,000 and that’s dirt cheap… If you are serious about doing this…