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LIVE WEEKEND with Marco Robinson

In this weekend Bootcamp you will learn HOW TO SOURCE CASHFLOWING PROPERTIES that will replace your salary / all your monthly bills +50% within 24 months and you will learn to BORROW the money to do it.

  • How to identify the world property cycles so you can predict the best times to buy and sell.
  • How to fully research which properties to buy and where using Marco Robinson’s award winning formula.
  • How to use the Structure Plan & local plan of a given area to predict new builds & population growth opportunities
  • How to buy properties by not using any of your own money.
  • How to buy properties through companies to reduce risk and pay less tax.
  • How to FLIP properties without even buying the properties.
  • How to buy properties in the USA and the U.K. without leaving your armchair.
  • How to work with co-investors to increase buying power.
  • You will learn through teaching and challenging practical exercises live at the weekend event.
A phenomenal weekend 

Value $4,997

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