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Virtual Weekend

Potent Property

In this weekend Bootcamp you will learn HOW TO SOURCE CASHFLOWING PROPERTIES that will replace your salary / all your monthly bills +50% within 24 months and you will learn to BORROW the money to do it.

VALUE $4,997 



Predict The best Time to Buy

How to identify the world property cycles so you can predict the best times to buy and sell. 


The Winning Formula

How to fully research which properties to buy and where using Marco Robinson’s award winning formula. 


Population growth Opportunities

How to use the Structure Plan & local plan of a given area to predict new builds & population growth opportunities 


Property Investing Made Easy

How to buy properties by not using any of your own money.


Mitigate the Risk & Pay less

How to buy properties through companies to reduce risk and pay less tax. 


Fix & Flip it

How to FLIP properties without even buying the properties.


Buy A house in USA & UK

How to buy properties in the USA and the U.K. without leaving your armchair.


co-investing to buy

How to work with co-investors to increase buying power.


practical exercises

You will learn through teaching and challenging practical exercises live at the weekend event.